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“There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun”
 Pablo Picasso

My design process is heavily research focused. I like to have a wide angle understanding the user, client, business, market, competition and current design trends. I believe open empathy abilities and healthy design process expands and contracts progress.
Research, ideation, user testing provided by aestethic & minimal interface (UI) design brings final look & feel solution. By refining these factors, an effective and conscientious design can be achieved maybe not quickly but very effective. Quality is very often the factor which brings the retention of the app whenever this is mobile or a desktop.

             L     A     T      E      S      T          

P     R     O     J     E     C     T     S

SEQR - Mobile payment app

"The better way to pay"


This is dynamic demo of various video productions made at the turn of last few  passed years. Mix of selected shots, animations, intros, special effects. The music in the background is also made by myself.

3%CASHBACK - video made with an iPhone camera

Simple green paper and and iPhone 6s was all I needed at that moment. After extracted footage I'm warming up After Effects! Power full tool which is my biggest friend ;)

Date of production: September 2017. Lenght of video: 25sec.

between Sweden & Poland 

On this project I put my self in two roles at the same time; the UX/UI Designer and Documentary Video Director. In this case, I wanted to show how the same structure of information works in scandynavian countries and Poland.
Date of production: December 2015. Lenght of video: 25sec.

R     E     C      E      N      T
C      A      M      P      A      I      G      N    


Video contains short case where the user of GLASE APP is paying at the bar, trying to impress a young girl. The video was made generally for Social Media Campaign purposes.
The place where all happen was BRUSH Barber/Shop&Bar at OFF Piotrkowska in Łódź. I came with my own scenario for this scene All footage was filmed by me personally. The rest of the whole postproduction including edit, animations also belonged to my responsibilities. 

Date of production: May 2018. Lenght of video: 25sec.

SeqrGO! in action!

Video made for social media campaign. I was director and editor of whole project. Equimpent was rent from Multimedia Revolution with an extra operator. Video shoot had a place in Utrecht/Holland. It was vey spontaneously action but final effect was amazing. This version is made directly
for German market.

Date of production: May 2017. Lenght of video: 25sec.

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